November 26, 2011

It has just become horribly apparent that I haven’t been getting Paypal notifications for 6-8 weeks now.

This is, obviously, not good, as it means I’ve not seen orders for that period.

I will be working to fix this and sort out all outstanding orders within the next seven days. If you’re waiting on an order, and you’re not happy with this, please email me on and I’ll sort you out a refund.

September 11, 2011

Outstanding orders

If you’re waiting for an order, please accept my apologies. As noted on the shop page, we’ve just moved (from Bedfordshire to Edinburgh, ie a long way) and all the label stock is still at the other end of the country. It’ll be here this week, however, so everything will go out by Friday hopefully at the latest. Never think that TSF! doesn’t value your support and interest, you’re all THE  BEST.

July 13, 2011

ACDSleeve competition

Want to win a copy of Jam on Bread‘s A Railcard AdventureACDSleeve, the wonderful types who made the sleeves for the records, have hit their 50th design, and to celebrate they’re giving away a whole tonne of their work, including a copy.

Find out how to enter here.

May 20, 2011

Haiku Salut; Summer holiday

Mail order is taking a brief break, as we’re off on a long summer holiday.

However, you can now pre-order a new release from Haiku Salut. Here’s the cover:

It’s our first 3″ CDR, and it will be released physically and digitally in the first week in August. There are more details over on the shop page.

Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed the vast number of changes to this site over the last month. Do you like the dinosaur? There will be more to come (both dinosaurs and changes) in future, along with more new releases.

For now, though, you can follow us on Twitter!

October 17, 2010

We have a new release! It’s been a while, huh?

Jam on Bread‘s debut album will be released via handmade CD and digital download on 11th November 2010. Here’s the rather pretty cover:

Recorded in one highly-productive and freezing cold day back in January at Dreamtrak studios, Hackney, A Railcard Adventure is nine tracks of life, beards and 80s pop singers, all packaged up in a beautiful handmade sleeve from ACDSleeve.

The first pressing comes with a bonus CDR entitled The Return Journey, a six track EP containing exclusive and unreleased material, including a cover from Internet Forever’s Laura Wolf and a remix of ‘Let Jason Donovan Do The Talking’ that’s pure SAW 80s gold.

The CD is available to preorder now, and will be available either directly from us and from a limited number of music shops, whilst the digital version will be on iTunes/eMusic/7digital etc.

We’ve also got our past releases up for sale again. TSF! is going to be back now hopefully FOR GOOD, so look out for more new music over the next few months.