We have a new release! It’s been a while, huh?

Jam on Bread‘s debut album will be released via handmade CD and digital download on 11th November 2010. Here’s the rather pretty cover:

Recorded in one highly-productive and freezing cold day back in January at Dreamtrak studios, Hackney, A Railcard Adventure is nine tracks of life, beards and 80s pop singers, all packaged up in a beautiful handmade sleeve from ACDSleeve.

The first pressing comes with a bonus CDR entitled The Return Journey, a six track EP containing exclusive and unreleased material, including a cover from Internet Forever’s Laura Wolf and a remix of ‘Let Jason Donovan Do The Talking’ that’s pure SAW 80s gold.

The CD is available to preorder now, and will be available either directly from us and from a limited number of music shops, whilst the digital version will be on iTunes/eMusic/7digital etc.

We’ve also got our past releases up for sale again. TSF! is going to be back now hopefully FOR GOOD, so look out for more new music over the next few months.


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