Team Strike Force! is a one-man DIY conglomerate, started whilst that one-man was living in London. As of October 2010, it is now based in Bedfordshire. It’ll be moving to Scotland at some point in 2011.

It mostly releases music via CDR and digitally and occasionally on vinyl. The first release was a compilation for a festival that took place in September 2008, and the label has gone through various states of activity ever since. Hopefully it is here to stay this time.

It believes in physical product. The main aim of the label is to release music in such a fashion that the finished object is both of a high quality, but in such a way that does not bankrupt everyone involved in the process. This is a trait that often seems to be forgotten by bedroom labels in the UK in 2010.

Really, though, it just wants to be Asaurus Records.

This website is intentionally lo-fi.

Say hello: daniel [at] teamstrikeforce [dot] com

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